Introduction to Developing Teamwork Skills.


Getting Teamwork Skills Right is a Process.

There is no one thing that will help you do better Teamwork. You have to do a FEW things right While you learn Teamwork to get the Dream Work Right.

Learning Teamwork is A Process that you need to follow over a Span of Time.


If you would like to Learn Teamwork then you have to get a few things right. And these things are The Core Things that you need to follow in any situation of The Team.

I will call these Core Things as Values. It’s called a Value because you consider it important and only after making them crucial in a Team will you Reap The Benefits of them.


Values are a common analogy which is why I have chosen them to be the Core Things that people need to Value.


In Short these Values are Critical. Just consider them Important for your Teamwork and Sow The Seeds for a span of time and later on you will Reap The Benefits out of them.


So Let’s Start with the Values that we need to have.



Value No. 1:
The Value of Doing Something Important


To make an impact in People’s Lives, we Need to Do Something Important that makes people’s lives a better Place to Live In.

If you make a Product that makes Other’s Lives a Better Place to Live In then you are on the Right Track.

Continue doing Important things in Your Life and keep Grabbing the Attention of People.


You can Pair Up with Others and do things that Grab Attention.

Doing Important things with others Is Better Than Doing Alone.

It could be a matter of Teamwork showing Results that are Beyond Your Reach Alone.

It could be pairing up with Similar/Dissimilar Skills that You Have.


Start Doing Something Important Now.


Value No. 2:

The Value of The Big Picture


The Goal is more Important than the Role 

The Goal is more important than Anything Else whether they are Personal Agendas or Personal Goals.

Once you know the Size of the Goal, you can gather the Right Resources to Achieve the Goal.

If Everyone is clear about The Goal then the people know when they are in the right/wrong Direction.


Goal can be stated with A Vision or Painted with a Picture.

If your team does not have a Goal then show them the Picture or Create A Vision.


Value No. 3:

The Value of The Niche


Every Team Player has a Position where he Adds the Most Value to The Team. Every Person has a Niche.

If you are not in your Strength Zone then find your Strength and stay in that Zone to add the most value.

A Leader serves well when he places his players at their Niche.



Value No. 4:

The Value of The Mount-Everest


When You have A Big Mountain to Climb the Challenge for the Team Increases and We need to Size up the Situation and Gather the Resources to face the Challenge.

If you don’t have the Right Players then develop the team players or find others that fill up the Role.

Also Remove Ineffective Players from the team.



Value No. 5:

The Value of the Weak Link


The Team suffers when a weak player does not deliver his results.

The Impact of a Weak Player is impacted by the whole Team and we need to develop the player or remove him for another person.

If the Weak Link is You then examine yourself to where you are lacking and improve in your weakness.

If you are a Leader of the Weak Player then develop the player and help them find resources.

The Weak Link needs to be removed if he is not able to develop.


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